High Priority

Each day we are given the gift of time. By choosing to spend it wisely and efficiently, you will reduce stress, spend more time on the things you want to do, feel more fulfilled at the end of the day and enjoy a more balanced life. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your schedule. Only you can choose how you spend your time. Things left undone linger in the back of your mind and constantly remembering them steals your energy. A To Do list will free you from forgetting the tasks and help you plan your time so you can complete them. It’s the most effective way to organize your schedule. However, only plan for about 80 percent of your waking hours. This way you will have time for things that pop up.

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Buy one daily planner to use for both work and your personal life. Using more than one leaves room for confusion and overlapped appointments.

Sit down with your family and plan your week/ month ahead of time so you can:

  • Schedule babysitter
  • Divide errands
  • Plan meals
  • Divide chores
  • Plan driving arrangements for activities

Gather all your TO DO items from sticky notes, calendars and scraps of paper (don’t forget to collect those stored in your mind) and create a a TO DO list to keep in your planner. Make this list as complete as possible.

Sort your TO DO tasks by:

A: Tasks that need to be done this week (e.g., pay the electric bill). Schedule these in your planner.

B:  Tasks that need to be done this month (e.g., buy birthday present, send thank you card). Schedule these in your planner.

C:  Tasks you would like to see get done in the future (e.g., have lunch with friend). List these tasks on a separate piece of paper for you to refer to when you have time.

Once you have your tasks sorted into categories, number the tasks in each category, in the order in which they must be accomplished. If you get all of your A (weekly) tasks done and you have time, you can tackle a tasks from your B (monthly) list or even the C (future) list. If you don’t get all your A tasks done, make those unfinished tasks top priority for the next day.

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