Topic: PRIORITY. Sub Topic: Prioritize your To Do list

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Tips of PRIORITY when making a TO DO List

  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish in one day
  • Schedule meetings with a start and end time so they don’t drag on or waste time
  • Schedule errands based on geographical location. Don’t waste time with extra driving.
  • Whenever possible schedule your appointments for first thing in the morning. The later the appointment, the better chance you’ll be delayed.
  • Avoid placing overwhelming tasks on your To Do list. Breaking large task down into small one. Identify the large task and then write down all the steps you need to take to complete that task. Then set a final deadline for the task and wok your way toward it, accomplishing one step each day.
  • Store your schedule or To Do list electronically instead of on paper.
  • Complete tasks. You only get points on the scoreboard when the goal is made.
  • Consider your time too valuable to waste.




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