TOPIC: Multitasking. Effects on Productivity

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There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get our work done. That’s why many of us turn to multi-tasking, which represents our best, noble attempt to accomplish multiple tasks. But it turns out that multitasking may actually limit productivity and ultimately affect your level, and your health. According to athlete and international and TEDx speaker Katie Brauer,

 “Higher productivity happens when you limit multitasking and stay focused on completing a task at hand. Studies show that multitasking makes you 40 percent less productive and increases stress levels.” 

While acknowledging the difficulty of focusing, especially at work, Brauer suggested that implementing a few simple steps in your workday can help you focus and make a dramatic difference in your rate of work output.

That got me thinking. So, I reached out to a few other entrepreneurs running health-related businesses for their take on ways to stay more engaged and productive during the business day.

Preparing for the start of the day is a great time to get focused. You can get focused when you avoid doing certain things first thing in the morning such as checking your cell phone.

In order to achieve higher productivity, it’s important to clear or reduce mental clutter.

Do not check your phone or email when you first wake up.  Wait at least 60 minutes, so you are not jumping right into a ‘reactive’ state of mind. I believe in easing into the day. Start out by stretching, drinking a glass of lemon water and meditating. You’ll notice a calmness and clarity while you do this.

In order to achieve higher productivity, it’s important to clear or reduce mental clutter. The mind benefits from the combination of having structure and being clutter free. When it comes to raising your productivity level, try working on projects with your email and sound alert turned off.



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