Memorable “Firsts”

Memorable Firsts

I know you weren’t there, but sit back for a minute (if you have time) and think about a few of the firsts in your life that were really memorable. Memorable in a good way.

Maybe it was a first kiss, a first job, a first car, first time trying a food, or maybe something completely different.  Think about that one you’d like to focus on.

What made it memorable? What made it something you still remember and possibly cherish? How would you tell someone about that experience?

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Now, for me there are many but the most memorable FIRSTS for me was at the age of 16.

I had taken drivers education in high school with the simulators even ( yes, way back when you learned the skills of driving (and laws) by taking a course in high school. After class instruction was complete it was time to get my learners permit followed by more practice and instruction. And in my case, my instruction came from my grandmother. Do this, don’t do that, remember to and remember to not to….frustrations,  even some tears as I learned how to drive my 4 speed BRIGHT orange Datsun B210 with the goal being the holy grail drivers license. I studied for the exam, took the exam and then the drivers’ test…again with another adult as a passenger, this one was the BIG one. I PASSED. Took my picture etc. and left the DMV feeling accomplished as I drove me and my grandmother home.

Now, back to the question of this post…. 

The most memorable first for me was the first time I grabbed my car keys, walked to my car, unlocked the door, buckled up, started the car, and drove off to a friends house ALL BY MYSELF. The window down, the radio ON and the feeling of being an independent teenager I will never forget.

It was the MOST AWESOME MEMORABLE FIRST!  Nothing can replace it, not even the few occasions in my life when I’ve bought a new or used car.  

That’s ONE of mine. Please share one of your MOST MEMORABLE FIRST?

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