Memorable “Firsts”

Memorable Firsts

I know you weren’t there, but sit back for a minute (if you have time) and think about a few of the firsts in your life that were really memorable. Memorable in a good way.

Maybe it was a first kiss, a first job, a first car, first time trying a food, or maybe something completely different.  Think about that one you’d like to focus on.

What made it memorable? What made it something you still remember and possibly cherish? How would you tell someone about that experience?

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Now, for me there are many but the most memorable FIRSTS for me was at the age of 16.

I had taken drivers education in high school with the simulators even ( yes, way back when you learned the skills of driving (and laws) by taking a course in high school. After class instruction was complete it was time to get my learners permit followed by more practice and instruction. And in my case, my instruction came from my grandmother. Do this, don’t do that, remember to and remember to not to….frustrations,  even some tears as I learned how to drive my 4 speed BRIGHT orange Datsun B210 with the goal being the holy grail drivers license. I studied for the exam, took the exam and then the drivers’ test…again with another adult as a passenger, this one was the BIG one. I PASSED. Took my picture etc. and left the DMV feeling accomplished as I drove me and my grandmother home.

Now, back to the question of this post…. 

The most memorable first for me was the first time I grabbed my car keys, walked to my car, unlocked the door, buckled up, started the car, and drove off to a friends house ALL BY MYSELF. The window down, the radio ON and the feeling of being an independent teenager I will never forget.

It was the MOST AWESOME MEMORABLE FIRST!  Nothing can replace it, not even the few occasions in my life when I’ve bought a new or used car.  

That’s ONE of mine. Please share one of your MOST MEMORABLE FIRST?

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Eggnog and the Holidays: Here’s Why

If ever there were one beverage that has become synonymous with the holidays, it’s Eggnog.

In spite of its pervasiveness during the holiday season, the nutmeg-flavored, dairy-based drink is quite polarizing. People are either repulsed by the fusion of milk, raw egg yolks, spices, and alcohol or after trying it for the first time, they can’t get enough of each adulterated sip.

….eggnog has been associated with Christmas since the 1700s.

For those of you who love drinking a warm cup of eggnog while wearing your ugly Christmas sweater, here’s how it became a holiday tradition for many families across the U.S. Surprisingly, it didn’t start with stateside merrymakers. The custom of toasting to the new season with this festive cocktail actually began during Britain’s early medieval years, and the drink later became popular in the American colonies by the 19th century. However, per TIME, eggnog has been associated with Christmas since the 1700s.

Image result for monks drinking posset

While most food historians would argue that eggnog began as “posset” in Britain, some still dispute its exact origins. Merriam-Webster defines “posset” as a hot drink of sweetened and spiced milk curdled with ale or wine. According to PBS’ “The History Kitchen,” it was the monks who possibly added in whipped eggs and figs into the spiked drink. The posset was actually consumed by the wealthy and those in the upper class. They would use posset to toast to good health and prosperity, much like we do today. In the American colonies, however, since sherry was too difficult and expensive to procure, families started to swap in the more prevalent whiskey and rum into the beverage. It’s also on record that George Washington served an eggnog-like drink to his guests at Mount Vernon. You can find his original recipe here.

Related image

Because of its warm temperature and the incorporation of flavors, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean, we’ve grown accustomed to drinking eggnog during the winter season, particularly around Christmas.

Image result for eggnog spiked
Spiked Eggnog
‘Tis the season for spiked eggnog Y’all, so make sure to whip up enough to go around! This tipsy ‘nog rings in the holiday season on a warm, indulgent note.

No matter what side of the eggnog debate you fall on, one thing we can all agree on is that the holiday favorite is a staple of the Christmas season. Not to mention, it’s perfect for toasting to a happy and prosperous new year, even if you can’t bear drinking it.

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If you Miss the Present Moment

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WITH the Holidays just around the corner…..or anytime actually…

Fill your home with the aroma of French vanilla coffee…PLUS it makes for nice, simple decor.

Please share any homemade scented candle ideas of your own.

Always ENJOY The PRESENT moment!

A “RUSHED” People

A “RUSHED” People

Have you noticed this “rushed” I’m talking about today?

Do you notice it in yourself? In others?

 Related image

Stop! and reflect….

Here’s mine:

Yesterday I stopped at my local grocery store to grab a few of the norm’s ie; milk, soda (yes, soda…I love it!), eggs, and of course: bread.

The store was crowded with 5pm after work shoppers, either a quick stop before picking up kids from daycare or after school activities OR just for a few items (last minute ingredients for the night’s dinner)…just like me.

Goal:  GET IN! GET OUT! and GET ON! to the next daily ritual. Related image

Now, I’m not that fond of the whole grocery store routine.  In fact, my therapist has me break my shopping trips into 2 or 3 or to send my son in to grab a few things…reason?  To limit/reduce my anxiety episodes.  Grocery stores top my list.

Anyway,  back to my epiphany…..

Related image

I noticed that we were like cars on a busy interstate. Passing each other, weaving around and through, close calls clipping the heels of a fellow shopper, stalling in our lane, going the wrong direction in our lane and well you get the  idea….all of such being done with NO REGARD to each other as people….sharing the same space (the store) with the same purpose.

It seemed to “SHOCK” them and they were SO appreciative that I would do such a selfless act…..

No one smiled, few said excuse me and others seemed to race to beat someone to the checkout line……

When it came my time to leave, having gathered my staples (no, not the kind you use in the office) I proceeded to the checkout lane.  I only had 5 items but used a regular lane, not express.  While waiting my turn I let 3 people go ahead of me because they had 1 or 2 items.  It seemed to “SHOCK” them and they were SO appreciative that I would do such a selfless act…..

Finally, my turn to place my yummies on the belt….the lady before me was finished and the cashier handed her her change and receipt clumped together (rush).  The woman was trying to hastily to separate the money from the receipt and get it into her wallet and purse…not just throw it in to lose it to the bottomless purse pit…as she looked up at me frazzled and apologetic saying, “I’m so sorry for taking so long, maam (maam? me? a maam? haha) and without thinking I replied with a smile: “It’s ok, take your time, I’m in no rush.

Image result for no hurry

I could see immediate relief and calmness come over her as she said:  “Thank you, everyone seems to usually be in such a dang hurry”.

I felt like I allowed her a mini, I mean, MINI vacation. Could you imagine the effect this would have on the universal spin of things if we had an “I’m in NO RUSH” epidemic????

So, hey, give it a try, will you?  The next time you’re out, affect someone’s RUSH!  and maybe throw in a HELLO and/OR a SMILE.

Image result for thank you shopping carts


Thank you for slowing your RUSH of daily doings to take the time to read my NOTE.

I love writing!  

………….and I love YOU TOO!  (That needs to be said more too! Should never be TOO RUSHED to say “I LOVE YOU”)

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100% “FROM” vs. 100% “WITH”

Present moment organizing 100 percent ingredients

Careful when reading your Food Ingredients.

Ingredients/package reads:

Made 100% ‘FROM’…… or  Made 100% ‘WITH’

2 little words.

So almost close to meaning the same things when you are reading your food packages and it’s  ingredients….but in actuality, they are quite different.

Stop and think. When was the last time you can remember while food shopping that you looked for this label, read it, gave it importance, or cared at all:???

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How to Remove Crayon Stains From Walls

Related image

Blow Dryer and Dish soap.



One of the surefire ways to remove crayon from walls is to use a blow dryer and regular mild dish soap. Turn on the blow dryer and blow hot air on the crayon marks. The wax will heat up and begin to melt, making it easier to wipe away.

What tips or tricks do you use to remove crayon marks from your walls????



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