Sentimental Clutter after a Loss

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Sentimental clutter are those things you hold onto for no reason other than a memory. You do not have a use for the item. In fact, the item may not even bring you joy. But there is some emotional attachment to the item that is making it difficult to part ways.

Sentimental Clutter After a Loss



How to make downsizing a good experience – for when they get older



26135b2121c7db7c6b9e7911d92d2110 When downsizing becomes a pressing need for a parent, due to illness, bereavement, finances or desire to be closer to family members, it’s no longer just about relocating from one home to the next. It’s a move that needs to recognize the fragility of growing old and the letting go of time- honored possessions with compassion and thoughtfulness.

How to make downsizing a good experience